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Fungi Art for Sale by Artist 03

The mushroom kingdom is very diverse, and the wild mushroom pictures you see at this site only represent a very few of the various kinds of wild mushrooms and fungi which I photograph for the raw material from which to create the final mushroom art prints for the wild mushroom art gallery. Most of the fungus and mushroom pictures you see here (click the Back or Next arrows to navigate through the on-line slide show of mushroom pictures and fungi art photographs) are of wild mushrooms from the Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California. These mountains hold some of the last remaining redwood forests in the United States, and these forests are great sources of wild mushrooms for photography - particularly in the winter months. The coastal redwood forests provide a great source of organic material, living and dead, and they support many varieties of fungi from all areas of the fungi kingdom. It is a privilege to be able to capture subjects for these mushroom pictures while roaming in the majestic setting of such ancient forests.

Mushroom Art For Sale by Artist C Ribet | Set B

It usually isn't hard to find mundane fungi and mushroom subjects for mushroom photography (just snap some pictures of the dry rot eating away at the wood in your basement), but it isn't always easy to find fungi subjects 'worthy' of fine art mushroom photography or to capture wild mushroom photographs which will provide the enhanced digital images from which wild mushroom art prints can be printed. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet | Set C

The mycological micro-environment surrounding the wild mushroom or wild mushrooms in a mushroom photograph is often what separates run-of-the-mill mushroom photographs from mushroom photographs which are destined to go through the transformation process to ultimately yield wild mushroom art prints. Fungi themselves are very diverse, and so are the environments in which they thrive. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet | Set A

While the ancient coastal redwood forests of California provide a great abundance of mushrooms as subject for wild mushroom photos and fungi for mushroom art photography and art prints, not all of the mushroom photos and mushroom prints at the gallery art site (see are of mushrooms growing in those forests. Fungi are abundant in many other places as well. …

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