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Welcome to the Mushroom and Fungi Art website with slideshows and photo albums showing the wild mushroom photos and mushroom pictures and fine art prints for sale by artist C Ribet - a fungi art site exclusively devoted to the wild mushrooms and fungi art of C Ribet whose mushroom art celebrates the diversity of the mushroom kingdom and wild mushrooms mycology. Links to the C Ribet Zenfolio print gallery link to pages offering these images as wall art for sale by artist C Ribet. Follow the links on the pages to see previews of some of the wild mushroom pictures and art prints for sale at Artist C Ribet's Zenfolio website.

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Mushroom Art For Sale by Artist C Ribet | Set B

It usually isn't hard to find mundane fungi and mushroom subjects for mushroom photography (just snap some pictures of the dry rot eating away at the wood in your basement), but it isn't always easy to find fungi subjects 'worthy' of fine art mushroom photography or to capture wild mushroom photographs which will provide the enhanced digital images from which wild mushroom art prints can be printed. While mushroom mycology means that one may well find several kinds of unwanted fungi growing in a dank corner of the basement, fortunately the fungi kingdom is diverse and fungi grow in many more aesthetically appealing and enriching environments suitable for mushroom photography, not only in the forest, but in grasslands (e.g. field mushrooms) and many other more rich and colorful locations as well. In order to find the raw materials from which to build the master mushroom photograph for a C Ribet wild mushrooms art print, both luck and art must come together to provide the mycological micro-environment around the mushrooms which will give the mushroom photograph the character to grow from a mere mushroom photograph through a mushroom photograph master and eventually to a final wild mushroom art print. Creating wild mushroom art prints from wild mushrooms are a special kind of mycological adventure. Finding the wild mushrooms for the prints is just the first step in the mushroom photography process. Luckily the mycological world of mushrooms and the fungi kingdom is broad and there is no shortage of fine subjects for wild mushroom art prints.

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet | Set C

The mycological micro-environment surrounding the wild mushroom or wild mushrooms in a mushroom photograph is often what separates run-of-the-mill mushroom photographs from mushroom photographs which are destined to go through the transformation process to ultimately yield wild mushroom art prints. Fungi themselves are very diverse, and so are the environments in which they thrive. At times the best wild mushroom photograph for fungi photograph, and the one on a day's outing which may yield a final wild mushroom art print, is the mushroom photograph with the 'least' mushroom and the 'most' evocative surroundings (for example, Mute Ovation shown at Gallery California). Under other circumstances, the best mushroom photograph is the one with the 'most' mushroom and the 'least' surroundings (for example, Delight at Gallery California). Even the most physically similar wild mushrooms will virtually always be strikingly different, given different surroundings.

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet | Set A

While the ancient coastal redwood forests of California provide a great abundance of mushrooms as subject for wild mushroom photos and fungi for mushroom art photography and art prints, not all of the mushroom photos and mushroom prints at the gallery art site (see are of mushrooms growing in those forests. Fungi are abundant in many other places as well. For example, the main Gallery California art gallery site has mushroom photos of fungi and mushrooms from the North Woods of Wisconsin, and it shows mushroom art prints and wild mushroom photos of mushrooms and fungi from many other places in California. The wild mushroom photographs you see displayed in this mushroom picture slide show are mostly from California, however.

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet 18

If conditions are right, the fungus will continue to grow over many many seasons. This fact that the mushroom is just the fruiting body, and not the long-lived organism itself, is why if you are out mushroom picking, and you are very careful to remove only the mushroom and not disturb the underlying fungus body (the mycelium) you should be able to return again to the same spot for more mushroom picking the next season. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet 01

Consider for yourself a reasonably distant visual perspective of a wild mushroom. Now imagine removing a troop of 'identical' mushrooms from their surroundings, suspend them from their mycological environment, keep this distant perspective, and visually inspect them in your mind. Although you know that every mushroom is uniquely different from every other, they all appear identical from this perspective. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet 03

Mushroom kingdom. Fungus kingdom. Fungi kingdom. Mushrooms, fungi! What's the difference? The words fungus and mushroom or fungi and mushrooms are often freely substituted for one another. Fungi kingdom is mushroom kingdom and likewise mushroom kingdom is fungi kingdom. Common usage often doesn't really distinguish much between the two terms mushroom and fungi, but there is a difference. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet 02

The fungi kingdom, or mushroom kingdom, makes up its own kingdom because fungi are not animals, and fungi are not plants. Fungi and mushrooms do not photosynthesize and instead derive their energy from the decaying organic matter which supports them. This means they are not dependent upon the sun like most plants. This doesn't mean that all wild mushrooms grow in dark caves, however. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet 04

Whether as a photographer you are taking pictures of people, pictures of plants and animals, or pictures of mushrooms, you will always find that you arrive back home at the end of the day with great hopes and expectations, but you may often be disappointed! The advent of digital photography has made the entire process an order of magnitude easier than it has been traditionally with conventional film photography, but it is by no means certain that you will capture a scene's mood and composition as it appears to you when you are photographing it. …

Mushroom Art for Sale by Artist C Ribet 07

Not many of the original pictures of mushrooms I take will make it all the way to become a mushroom watercolor giclee print. There are so many variables involved in just capturing a fine art mushroom photograph that it is always at least very hard and frequently quite impossible to get everything perfect in the field. Sometimes it seems impossible even to capture a body of reasonable pictures of fungi to begin with, and that is just the first step to obtain the original pictures of the mushrooms from which to ultimately make the final mushroom watercolor giclee prints. …

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